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Procrastination is extremely easy

We all have things to do and reasons that motivate us to do them, however, that is not always enough to give us the push we need.

Normally it all starts with a thought of something that needs to be done which ends up evolving into all the things we will need to be able to do it, not in a positive way, by the way, but rather as a set of obstacles that exist to even begin. The interesting thing about this is that most are mental obstacles, not in the sense that they really do not exist in real life, but that they exist but are not as important or relevant as our mind imagines them.

Sometimes just getting up and doing things is all we need. Without thinking, just do it, it makes a big difference.

In my case, every time I think about what I have to do and what that involves, it becomes more likely that I won't do it. Just knowing that I have to do it, go and execute, drastically changes the situation.